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Le 26 March 2014, 04:19 dans Humeurs 0

It is true that a luxury car may make you feel better, although the feeling is usually only temporary. If you are the kind of person who really does feel better when you get behind the wheel of a luxury car, it is probably a sign of having some kind of inferiority complex. If you are not convinced that the good feeling is only temporary, the findings in the Journal of Consumer Psychology should convince you, and the feeling usually lasts for just a month or so.

Norbert Schwarz, who teaches psychology at the University of Michigan, and Jing Xu from Peking University carried out the study into how long a person feels good if they buy a luxury car. Schwarz pointed out that the common assumption was that you felt better, but that in fact it was not as simple as that. The two found that a new car owner typically feels better as long as he or she is paying attention to the car; once that stops, the owner no longer feels as positive. Most of us do instinctively pay more attention to a brand new car, until after we have owned it for a certain length of time, the novelty wears off. When a new car breaks down, it makes no difference whether it is a luxury car or not; at that point we begin to lose interest in it, points out the study. The positive and good feelings were correlated against the Blue Book value of the car, and the results were zero, statistically speaking. The study also points out that the time that you pay the most attention to your car and feel your best about it, is when you take it for a test drive, which of course is not at all representative of your feelings the rest of the time.


Although the study seems to suggest that having an expensive car does not really make you feel better - at least not permanently - luxury car makers Balenciaga Outlet would of course disagree. The entire car industry depends on this illusion that a luxury car somehow can elevate your lifestyle and it makes you wonder what would happen if nobody believed the illusion any more. 

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No matter who youe buying the presents for, whether it a relative, friend or work colleague, if youe looking for presents for women in their twenties you do need to put a bit of thought and preparation into them. All adults continue to experience change and personal growth throughout their early twenties, and the tastes and interests she had at 21 may not be the same as the tastes she has now at an older age. The birthday presents that you give to her at this age should reflect her individuality and personality, as well as taking into account the type of lifestyle that she has paved out and leads.

Presents for Young Adults

If youe looking for presents for women in their early twenties, remember that the recipient is still a young adult and is probably either attending a university or college course or is just starting out in her chosen career. More meaningful gifts that celebrate this important turning point in her age are always appreciated, but if you don know her well enough to get her a gift of this kind you need to think about getting her birthday presents that are comprised of something functional and stylish. Popular examples such as a leather satchel or handbag, or a personalised academic diary will come in very useful for her and are always nice to receive. At her age she also no doubt Balenciaga Bag heavily reliant on her Smartphone or laptop to go about her day, so gadgets and technology-themed items also make suitable birthday presents for women in their early twenties.

Presents for Mid Twenties

Women in their mid-twenties are typically well on their way to paving out their ideal future, and have a much more defined sense of style and individuality, but still enjoy the good times. If youe looking for birthday presents for women in their mid-twenties, focus your search on something that still has a fun element despite being appropriate for an adult. Popular presents for women at this age include perfume; entertainment-themed gifts such as DVDs or film subscriptions and also gifts that are little more adventurous such as experience days and trips to the theatre.

Presents for Late Twenties


A women who is in her late twenties is usually progressing well in her career, and considering those major life choices such as starting a family or purchasing her first home. Although a financial gift is likely to be vastly appreciated by women at this age, it not always appropriate to give gifts like that depending on who youe getting the birthday presents for. One way that you can get something useful for her that will still be enjoyable for her to receive is to think about the important decisions that she making and theme the presents according to that. If, for example, she is about to embark on career advancement, some new clothes or work accessories that reflect her position may be the ideal gift. Similarly, if she is about to purchase her first house or flat, some gifts that she can use to furnish or personalise her new home will be both appreciated and functional to receive.